About Our Organisation

2014 is our 8th anniversary and we are proud to continue saving orphans’ lives in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as helping vulnerable people in our communities in the UK. We do this with our donors, reliable and dedicated volunteers and members who are proud of the difference they make year in year out. You can also become a proud supporter of this life changing course by contacting us.

Our Story

We begun our journey in 2006 as a small charitable group consisting of 4 members in Leicester-UK. Our ethos back then was the same as today; to champion the way in helping orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa who would rather have a home to stay; food to eat, drinkable water, clothes to wear, education attainment and achievement and more importantly, have hopes in life than otherwise. We also strive to assist vulnerable people in our communities in the UK through which they can improve their quality of life, have life chances and expectations or fulfil their maximum potential.

Our collective passion and dedication to enabling orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa and vulnerable people in the UK to live and have hopes in life, has over the years seen us continually expanding in our membership. Today, we proudly have over 25 members from diverse backgrounds all of whom have real passion in making a difference in the lives of those needy children we support and communities we serve. So far, amongst many of our countless achievements, we have assisted Batibo-Cameroon based NGO Zion City Foundation. We have successfully purchased and installed an oil mill device through which a few orphans have been empowered to become self-employed. However, our expansion in membership is still disproportionate to the increasingly growing numbers of children in need and vulnerable people in our communities. Therefore, if you share the same real passion to help others in need, we would like you to contribute your valued input towards sourcing and sustaining this on-going plight.