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Lets help Zion City Foundation build a poultry farm for it orphanage.

This project will empower and give orphans, a regular source of income to cater for their needs and education as well as support the most vulnerable children and adults in the local community.


Our uniform launch fund raising event in 2011, raised the sum of £200.00 thanks to your generosity. Our Bongabi C.I.G. members generously raised an additional £300.00. This funds was used to support Zion City Foundation in Batibo as part of the cost towards this oil mill.


Help build a poultry for orphans

Help an Orphan

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Tuition/Homework Classes

Our Tuition/ Homework classes is an ongoing programme starting September 2015.

The programme is aimed at raising the prospects and improve life chances for children and young people from deprived communities in Leicester by providing a friendly outside school learning environment where all children are welcome, supported by trained and experienced teachers.

The programme is being funded by the Big Lottery for the first year, we are hoping that with your support we can sustain this wonderful programme beyond the 12 months funded period. Register Today

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